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A influencer marketing platform that actually influences

We are super excited to be working with our new friends NeoReach! While we are still in the early stages of brand development, we thought we’d share some of the fun illustrations and designs we’re cooking up even as we speak. NeoReach hit us up because they wanted a kickass brand refresh that reflected the identity of their massive audience. We jumped at the challenge.

Loving us some texture

Texture is in and we’re loving it! Coming up with a brand illustration style for Neoreach led us down many roads, but after a few coffee-driven brainstorming sessions we arrived at our destination, a vibrant combination of photography, line work, and textures bursting with color. These converging visual forms are the perfect expression of the varying influences contained in the NeoReach database.

Adding animation to the mix

So, yeah, we love adding animations to a lot of our projects and this project is going to be packed with them. We believe the simplest animations can help support our storytelling needs. And we don’t want to give away too much just yet, but we are adding a few layers of animated surprise into the NeoReach design. We’re putting together something fresh, fun, and functional so stay tuned for the final case study!

Once Upon A Time…

Here at Griflan, we believe in pushing boundaries, both within ourselves and in our industry. That’s why we’re always exploring new and different illustration styles. Every client has a unique story to tell. We believe each client deserves a unique way of telling that story.

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