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Teamwork by Video Conference. Is Your Network Connection Unstable or Is it Just You?

The work-from-home demographic just got a lot bigger. And if you’re new to videoconferencing, this has probably been a pretty big adjustment. Don’t worry—nobody can tell that you’re mostly just looking at yourself in the gallery view. On the other hand, everybody can tell that you’re using your nightstand as a desk and that you haven’t moved more than three feet from your bed all day. The point is, now that we’re all on videoconference, we’re learning a whole lot more about each other—perhaps more than we wish to. But there is some good in all of this. You just need to know where to look for it.

Gettin’ To Know You

Those of us in the business of design and branding are used to working in highly collaborative settings, dynamic physical spaces where you can smell a fresh pot of coffee brewing, where you can punch ideas back and forth like sparring partners, and where you can tell who’s blasting the Jonas Brothers through their headphones. This is the kind of space where ideas are born; a space where things get done.

So how do we achieve this level of dynamic interaction through videoconference? (No— blasting the Jonas Brothers from your home stereo won’t help.)

In fact, what many of us our learning is that there is a unique intimacy to this new videoconferencing age. We’re in one another’s living rooms, guest rooms and home offices. Many of us are, for the first time, seeing one another in a whole new light, possibly a more real and (depending on your camera angle) flattering light.

Home is Where the Art Is

Since we’re all seeing one another with our hair down, so to speak, let’s embrace our realness. This is a chance to flex your creative muscles, to take conceptual risks, to pitch ideas that might never have occurred to you amid the usual office chatter and keyboard-clacking. By letting your colleagues into your personal space, you may feel motivated to take a more personal approach to the work itself. The lines are blurring between home- and work-life. Sometimes, when we blur the line between the personal and professional, we come up with our best ideas.

Of course, you don’t want to blur the line too much. You may be on video, but we can see what you’re wearing. Keep it clean, folks!

Now let’s get to creating.