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Smarter anti-fraud and compliance solutions for fast-growing businesses.

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Cognito provides anti-fraud and identity verification solutions tailored to the needs of high-growth businesses. When we set out to build a brand and website for Cognito, we asked ourselves, “What does verification really mean?” We admit that we didn’t crack a dictionary for this one. We just figured that the goal is to put a trustworthy face on a virtual identity, something that tells you who or what you’re dealing with. So that’s what we did with Cognito’s site, illustrating and animating that dynamic place where humans, technology, and data flow together into a lush stream of safe, secure, and verified information. Cognito is all about preventing fraud, so we built a site that—we’re pleased to verify—is the real deal.

The brand identity we envisioned with Cognito can be summed up in one thumbprint. It's completely unique and a thing of beauty.

We started with a healthy pour of character design and mixed in a splash of brand identity. That's a cocktail we can get
down with.




Saturated pure color is the nectar of the design gods. It feels good to keep it simple. Simple is safe they say, but we say it's the bee’s knees.

It's important to work in the grid, but it’s also important to keep it interesting. Randomness makes life more interesting, don’t you think?

Design can make people happy. Take a deep breath and feel the love with this juicy icon set.

When we dig into a dashboard UI, we put on our white coats and find our groove. It’s easy to lose yourself when you love what you do.