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Find out who you really are and discover your true nature.

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  • UI/UX

The Journey app is a sturdy travel companion on the road trip of life, a navigator who sits faithfully by your side providing direction, making stimulating conversation, and occasionally changing the radio station. Journey uses intuitive personality quizzing to tell you what you have in common with physicist Albert Einstein, whether you’re as open to new experiences as martial arts master Bruce Lee, and which of your friends has a 91% personality match with former president Abraham Lincoln. This lofty mission required an app suggesting depth, promising illumination, and populated by the luminaries who inspire us to do good and be great. The finished product is an immersive mobile experience—one that engages the senses and stimulates the mind. The Journey app gives you the clarity to look inward and the ambition to move forward.

Life is a journey that one never stops walking. We capture this infinitude in the Journey logo, an object which has no beginning and no end—a constant loop of connection and engagement.

Journey uses personality quizzes and comparative scoring to show you what you have in common with history’s most remarkable individuals. The process, and the design layout, are a testament to the magical properties of math—all geometric angles and precisely calculated accents.

Life does not stand in one place for very long. The sands beneath our feet are forever shifting. We capture this very human condition with an ever-changing visual landscape, creating a user experience that feels real, vital, and personal.

The Journey app is Griflan’s first joint-venture product, made with our friends at FlatIron. Download it today and live your best life.