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Liber Financial

Building companies that empower consumers.

  • What We Did
  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Website Design
  • Website Development

Liber Finance is a perfect combination of sophisticated cool and geek chic, like martinis at a Star Trek convention. Liber creates easy and transparent access to financial products. They enlisted us to build a website featuring the very same ease of use, all enveloped in an ultra-stylish, retro-future look that captures Liber’s innovative spirit. Working with some amazing photography and a dark, funky palette, we built a site that pulses with simple but lively animations, that moves when the user moves, that buzzes with the very same energy that makes Liber one of our most exciting partners.

With reactionary animation that responds to scrolling, we created an enveloping (and kind of trippy) user experience.

Evocative symbols were cast to represent Liber’s four primary services, providing users with a clear and visually stimulating path of navigation. Our icons are just begging to be clicked.

The goal was to create something funky, techy, and self-explanatory. We achieved that. But the big takeaway is that the Liber site is just incredibly cool!