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Payment requests through SMS, MMS, email & social media.

  • What We Did
  • Strategy
  • Illustration
  • Website Design
  • Website Development

Mobipaid is a cloud-based payment solution that allows your business to take card payments with security and ease. The Mobipaid app is really cool and really easy to use, but it’s also some pretty high tech stuff. We felt this project deserved a website with the same feel and energy. The result is a stylish mix of photo and illustration with a light, airy vibe, tons of buoyant imagery, and lots of happy looking peeps. Obviously it had to be informative too. Fortunately, the processes and functionality driving Mobipaid are super-cool as well, so it was easy to explain everything using entertaining and enlightening illustration. Well ok, it wasn’t easy. But it looks pretty effortless, not unlike the Mobipaid app itself.

Design Ingredients: Bubbles. Smiley faces. Light gradients. Wavy flourishes. You know how we do.

When we illustrate, we go all in.
Mobipaid gave us an awesome palette to work from, and a canvas where our custom work and quirky vision could come to life, grow up, and maybe even get a driver’s license one day.

Take a gander at the Mobipaid offerings and learn about their benefits. Good times will be had by all.


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