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Sunday Breakfast
Rescue Mission

Helping the Hungry, Homeless and Hurting.

  • What We Did
  • Website Design
  • Website Development

Founded in 1878, Sunday Breakfast has given more than 130 years of service to Philadelphia’s homeless. It was our mission to create a robust website that shines a light on the compassion and humanity behind the Sunday Breakfast. This site would tell the collective story of Sunday Breakfast through the many personal stories of struggle and triumph shared by its members. Our goal was to create a site embodying the dignity and pride behind so many of these stories, not to mention a site that could be easily updated and maintained by the mission’s busy team. The result, we don’t mind saying, is a gorgeous platform for the organization’s collection of moving stories and captivating photos, all from people who were inspired or saved by Sunday Breakfast, and who are now working to bring the same help and hope to others.

Sunday Breakfast needed a robust site
that could be easily navigated and
easily maintained.

More than a portal to the Sunday Breakfast, we worked to create a forum for the mission’s community, a place where members of this community could share their stories.

Humanity was at the heart of this design concept. From the handwritten font to the gallery of evocative portraits, we created an online environment capturing the mission’s indomitable spirit.

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